Services and Fees

2015 Services and Fee Schedule


Private Lessons
$75 per 1 hour lesson
Group lessons
$75 per lesson
As available
Group lessons are generally 2-3 hours long depending on number of riders in group. A group lesson is defined as 3 or more students.

Training Fees

$475 per month
-Includes premium hay cubes, shavings, daily stall cleaning, and fresh water

Full-time Training

$475 per month
-Includes horse training, 1 lesson per week, blanketing, clipping and basic scheduling (Vet and Farrier)

Show Fees

Hauling Fees* we do not offer commercial hauling

Show Expense

Tack/dressing/storage rooms
***Split between show attendees***
Lisa's lodging ***Split between show attendees***
Lisa's meal expense $60/day split by show attendees

Day Fees

Show Day fee $40/day
Non-show day fees $25/day
All entries, bedding, and stall fees are owner's expense and responsiblilty.
***Stall fees will be collected prior to deadline and sent together***
Service Fees
Mane Banding $35/horse
Show Clip $35/horse
Body Clip $250/horse
Braiding $55 to $85
Unbraiding $10
Unbanding $5
All fees due must be paid in full prior to horse leaving Rafter L Stables for any reason. No exceptions!


"No hour is wasted that is spent in the saddle"

~Winston Churchill