Our Friends


Hear what folks have to say about my program!
"Rafter L always has a special place in my heart. Lisa is such a gifted teacher, as she is able to teach the importance of safety


around horses & give incredible instruction, all while making you laugh. Some of my best memories riding at Rafter L were all laughing!"


"I took lessons and cleaned stalls with Rafter L through high school and a couple years after. My horse was born at Rafter L and i still bring him back to Lisa for training and tune ups. Lisa is great trainer for horses and humans. Lisa makes being "raised in a barn" a good thing."


"I will always consider Rafter L as the place I learned to ride, and Lisa as the person who not only taught me how to ride, but held me accountable for the great responsibility that comes with horses. My days at Rafter L are the source of many of my most favorite childhood memories :)" "Your patience and understanding is a true virtue with your customers"


"She has always conducted her business with the utmost professionalism, taking great care in the condition and welfare of her horses. She has a successful and thriving youth and amateur program, constantly instilling confidence in her clients while advocating horsemanship and sportsmanship. I would absolutely recommend Lisa Laplace to anyone seeking a highly successful, reputable, and credible instructor and horse trainer. "



"My children are gaining the foundational skills to be incredible riders in any future discipline they should choose as adults. Lisa is an amazing trainer, coach and friend!"


"She has taught many children and adults to ride.    She is a hard worker and treats her horses much better than many other trainers.  Her horses are happy. They live long lives too."



"I am enthusiastically endorsing Lisa Laplace. Not only is she an amazing trainer; but she is a professional, a role model and above all else a compassionate lady.  Lisa works beyond the dollars and cents of her craft and looks at the individuals and animals she is working with.  She values the animals as athletes, and the people as people.  There is not “one way” to get things done with Lisa, as she is always listening to what the animals are saying and looking for the best approach to training.  While she is open-minded and always searching for the best way, there is one area she will not compromise on, and that is safety.  As long as I have known her, she has always made safety the priority and driving force behind her training. With her head on a swivel she is always watching ahead and ensuring the safety of her animals, clients and herself."



"It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you"
- Lendon Gray