Who is Norma?

Norma is owned by Lisa Laplace and was purchased from Limelite Show Horses in 2016 as a weanling. Lisa recognized her special personality and she soon rose to fame as a Facebook personality for Rafter L Stables. Her following continues to grow as she chronicles her daily life as an American Paint Horse. (with a little help from Lisa) Norma keeps it real so her followers can identify with her stuggles and successes on her journey toward her Horse Show goals! Her fresh perspective from the horses view is fun, entertaining as well as educational. Her desire to become the best Role Model drives her insatiable appetite to learn. Norma loves children and hopes to someday, after her show career, have an honored place at Rafter L as one of Lisa's lesson horses.

Please check her out on Facebook and also on Instagram as #TheNormaDiaries and #aDayInTheLifeOfNorma

Norma has expanded her scope and now accepts email questions for her new "Ask Norma" area. Feel Free to contact her! Below are some of the wonderful fan mail that Norma has received as well as her monthly "Ask Norma" column.


Dear Norma,

I look forward to your FB posts every morning! Its coffee and Norma for me:) Thank You!



Dear Norma,

I love your quick wit and fun updates of your training! Please keep up the posts! ~GB